Automatic Pellet Mill


Automatic pellet mill can also named automatic pellet press. Due to various size, it can be divided into small types and large types. The former is suitable for making biomass pellet at home. And you can place the machine any where where is abundance with raw material. The Latter is applied for pellet production line with advantages of high capacity and low consumption for commercial purposes. However, it is not convenient to move compared with small automatic pellet press. If you are intending to make pellets at home for private use, you may consider purchasing a small automatic pellet press.Automatic Pellet Mills for Different Scales

large auto pellet mill small automatic pellet mill
Automatic Pellet Mill for Large Scale Automatic Pellet Mill for Small Scale
  According to different work principle, automatic pellet mill can be also divided into flat die and ring die. Generally, the ring die has longer serve life than flat die depending on the how you you maintain the machine. While, the flat die is more suitable for home use with low cost and low consumption. Furthermore, you need to know the way of drive force like diesel, electric or tractor. Of course, when you buying automatic pellet mill, you should choose a proper based on your practical needs.

Ring Die Design

ring die and press roller

Flat Die Design

flat dies and press rollers