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We employ a strong and versatile management team. From packing, delivery and after-sales service, we have a dedicated team of specialists ready to serve you. With our diverse product-line and expertise, we will help you make the right decision.

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Pellet Making Machine is a manufacturer of machinery devoted to environmental protection, conservation and green energy. Its facility is located in a “High and New Technology Industrialization Zone” in Nagpur. The company’s exports include a range of machinery for producing biomass energy, briquet-ting and oil presses. Pellet Making Machine ‘s machinery is designed for its functionality and easy maintenance. The usable life of its key parts is twice that of its peers.

The company has good standing in the domestic market and has exported its machines around the world. As global supplies of traditional energy sources are depleted, and as the need to protect the environment has become more urgent, biomass energy has moved to the forefront of the alternative energy movement due to its carbon neutrality. Pellet Making Machine seeks to increase the availability of machinery used to harness the power of biomass energy to ensure environmental protection and sustainable development.

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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in India . We want to help get your machine working again. We speak in a language you can understand. And we cost less than the other guys.

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To provide safe, high-quality products and services by coordinating all supply chain activities based on the same objective and with an awareness of the need to improve quality from the perspective of the customer and society.

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Setting the price of a product or service based on what the competition is charging. Competitive pricing is used more often by businesses selling similar products, since services can vary from business to business while the attributes of a product remain similar.